(SMM1050) Digital Toolmaker Microscope Digital Toolmaker Microscopio

Characteristic:Precision working stage travel: 100 x50mmDigital moving resolution:0.5umMultifunctional digital readout: DP400Angle measurement device:mechanical wheel and digital angle measurementStandard magnification: 30x(Ø0.13mm) (15x Eyepiece+2x Objective)5x Objective, 10x Objective, 10xEyepiece availableVideo upgrade

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Precision working stage travel: 100 x50mm
Digital moving resolution:0.5um
Multifunctional digital readout: DP400
Angle measurement device:mechanical wheel and digital angle measurement
Standard magnification: 30x(Ø0.13mm) (15x Eyepiece+2x Objective)
5x Objective, 10x Objective, 10xEyepiece available
Video upgrade system: Cross-shaped video assistance measuring device

Product NameDigital Toolmaker Microscope
Metal Stage Size252 x 152mm
Glass Stage Size196 x 96mm
Measuring accuracy≤5um
Measuring DeviceDigital Readout DP300
Max. Height of Specimen115mm
Max. Weight of Specimen5Kg
Maximum Magnification150x(Ø0.13mm) (15x Eyepiece+10x Objective)
Minimum Magnification20x(Ø6.5mm) (10x Eyepiece+2x Objective)
Standard Magnification30x(Ø0.13mm) (15x Eyepiece+2x Objective)
Standard Working Distance67mm
Optical tubeMonocular with 30º depression angle
15X Eyepiece with Crossline Reticle
ObjectiveMagnification: 2X
Working distance: 2.638" (67mm)
Eyepiece Protractor Range360°
Eyepiece Protractor Graduation
Vernier angle Reading6′
Transmitted illuminationLight source: Tungsten bulb (24V, 2W)
Surface illuminationRing LED illumination brightness adjustable
Power supplyAC110V/60Hz;220V/50Hz
Packing Dimension415 x 315 x 420mm
Dimension(L x W x H)210 x 333 x 391mm
Gross/Net Weight30Kg/25Kg

(SMM1050) Digital Toolmaker Microscope Digital Toolmaker Microscopio

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