2022-07-15 23:14:46 By : Ms. Jasmine Lin

If you've heard the stories about Carson Wentz as a teammate in Indianapolis and Philadelphia, you can bet his new Commanders teammates have, too.

For that reason alone, Wentz will have to prove himself to those teammates every single day, Eagles reporter Derrick Gunn tells 'BMitch & Finlay.'

"Teams talk, people talk, and I guarantee you there are players in Washington that are looking at him a little side-eyed now based on what they've heard about him after the last two seasons," Gunn said Thursday. "So he's got to go out there and prove a lot of people wrong. How do you prove people wrong? By your play. First and foremost, by your play."

"Secondly, by how you engage people in the organization and in the locker room," he said. "This was your dream, as it is the case with any professional athlete. Less than one percent get to wear a professional jersey and to play a professional sport. It is nothing given; you have to earn it every day.

"And if he wants to be there for the long run, he's got to go out and prove it. Every day he's under the microscope and hopefully he's smart enough to realize that, and I think he is. Carson's a very intelligent individual. No question about that. He just has to go out there... he's got that microscope on his shoulder every day. Everything he does is gonna be magnified more so than anybody else on that team. And he's smart enough to know that."