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2022-06-10 23:46:56 By : Mr. June Realdino

By Cult of Mac Deals • 6:30 am, April 14, 2022

It’s hard to appreciate the little things when you can’t see them. It’s also hard to study the little things on the fly when you don’t have your own mobile lab.

The WiFi Digital Microscope is a compact, portable microscope that can magnify up to 1,000 times. It can connect to your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and it’s on sale for just $55.95 (regularly $69).

You can really zoom in on the world with this miniature microscope. Though it measures only 4.7 inches tall, the WiFi Digital Microscope can magnify between 50 and 1,000 times. At its highest magnification, you could see individual cells.

The WiFi Digital Microscope is easy to use and doesn’t require much practice before you start getting the small picture. Connect an iPhone, iPad or Android device via Wi-Fi, or connect a computer via USB. Then just place your specimen in front of the microscope’s business end and take a look.

Adjusting the magnification requires nothing more than a turn of a knob. For added clarity, you can switch on the microscope’s eight built-in LED lights to illuminate your subject in all its tiny wonder.

You can snap a picture with the built-in camera, record a short video, and save your work with the microscope’s onboard file storage.

This digital microscope is a convenient tool for some, and a thrilling adventure for kids with an interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

It’s a fantastic resource for updating science lab notebooks. Why draw your specimen from memory, when you can reference an actual up-close recording of exactly what it looks like?

One biology teacher on Amazon said they “love using this in the class and at home with my curious younger child.”

A future microbiologist’s first microscope could be one they could fit in their backpack and pull out the second they find something they want to see. See the family dog’s hair at the micro level, or learn what exactly makes a leaf work. Either way, the scope of this tiny microscope is massive.

You or an excited little STEM student can get a microscope that travels wherever you do. For a limited time, you can get the WiFi Digital Microscope on sale for $55.95 (regularly $69).