Cheap Neurosurgery Multifunctional Surgery Microscope

Nerve surgery microscopeModel: MC-ZL-21 characteristics:1.Hand-held handling, a key start 2.Primary mirror with optical hinge 3.Space electromagnetic lock positioning 4.The promise electric continuous variable times 5.The deputy mirror with light path, with ratio, with the scene, image is clear, the

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Nerve surgery microscope

Model: MC-ZL-21
Cheap Neurosurgery Multifunctional Surgery Microscope



1.Hand-held handling, a key start


2.Primary mirror with optical hinge


3.Space electromagnetic lock positioning


4.The promise electric continuous variable times


5.The deputy mirror with light path, with ratio, with the scene, image is clear, the stereoscopic feeling strong, depth of field, suitable for deep cavity operation


6.According to the demands of the surgery, lighting spot size adjustable


7.Six degrees of freedom movement, to and fro and around large Angle electric pitch, rotating


8.The microcomputer control, the modular design, can teach, photographing, camera


9.Optional monocular teach mirror, digital photographic system and CCD camera system and expert operation video image processing system


10.Xenon lamp lighting, double bulbs conversion

The main functions and technical parameters:


1.Hand-held control a key start, comfortable and convenient.


2.Space electromagnetic lock positioning, the rotating joint control freely.


3.Binocular primary mirror with optical hinge, reversible 180 °, but six degree of freedom movement, or so before and after electric pitch range are greater than 100 °.


4.Ocular: 12.5 x, wide Angle, with diopter adjustment and limit device. Working distance: 200,250,300,350,400 mm.

5.Binocular vice mirror can be arbitrary Angle rotation, and with the main mirror synchronous (with light path, with ratio, with field).


6.Lord, the secondary are electric continuous stepless variable times, magnification: 5x-25x, image is clear, the depth of field is big, reflect feeling is strong, can meet all kinds of deep cavity the demands of the surgery.


7.The apparatus adopts xenon lamp coaxial cold light system, operation surface lighting 80000 to 180000 Lx, and double bulbs conversion.


8.Field diameter: 85.0 mm to 8.5 mm, and size spot adjustable. Suitable for deep cavity operation need.


9.The apparatus adopts electric trimming focal system.

Trimming focal range:40mm,Focus speed:1-2mm/s.


10.The apparatus adopts microcomputer program control, with stepless adjustable light, speed control system, and can be set up storage and a doctor of the conventional parameters. Switch using liquid crystal touch screen display design, the use of stable and reliable. The apparatus adopts foot landing gear, use agile and convenient, hold to stability.


11.Rack with streamline design, coarse adjustment lift range was 500 mm, arm exhibition was 1200 mm, bearing arm rotation Angle 360 °.

Optional accessories:

Instrument optional monocular teach mirror, foot control switch, digital photographic system and CCD camera system, optional experts video surgery image processing system.

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